Rubber Soles Required.

I was walking down the street last week, somewhere on the outskirts of Union Square, and as I stood waiting for the light to turn green, I noticed that was surrounded by attractive women. I looked across the street to avoid ogling but the action yield no refuge, for that corner was also saturated with beautiful faces and eye catching figures.

So as the light changed and we all stepped off the curb to resume our journeys, Jimi Hendrix’s Have You Ever Been (To Electric Ladyland) starts to play in my earphones… It was like I was riding a wave that was destined to collide with another wave… It was like the Red Sea rejoining itself, except this sea was made up of succulent women…

They were young, old, middle-aged, short, tall, black, white, asian, hispanic, indian, fat, skinny, athletic, chubby, blonde hair, black hair, brown hair, red hair. It was a chaotic mosaic rainbow of lady parts.

The moment almost seemed surreal. It was perfect, too perfect. The song, the women; it all felt like it was taken from a movie or music video. I smiled to myself as I swam through “the sea”; thinking about women and the beauty of their differences. It all generates inspiration.


Have you ever been (have you ever been) to Electric Ladyland?
The magic carpet waits, for you.
So don’t you be late
Oh, (I wanna show you), the different emotions
(I wanna run to) the sounds and motions
Electric woman waits for you and me
So it’s time we take a ride,
we can cast all of your hang-ups over
the seaside.
While we fly right over the love filled sea
Look up ahead, I see the loveland, soon you’ll understand.

Make love, make love, make love, make love.

(I wanna show you)
The angels will spread their wings, spread their wings
(I wanna show you)
Good and evil lay side by side while electric love penetrates the sky
(I wanna show you)
Lord, Lord I wanna show you
(I wanna show you)
Hmm, hmmm, hmmm
(I wanna show you)
Show you
(I wanna show you)

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