Peering Into… Griselle Jeanetta Rodriguez

This is a new segment titled “Peering Into…”, a brief highlighting of the “starving” artists of my generation. I’ve been meaning to premiere this segment for sometime now but between writing other articles and my raging addiction to sloth the task has eluded me.

But enough about me and my shortcomings, let’s talk about my peer and her longcomings. Uh,  no pun intended.

For today’s edition we’ll be peering into aspiring writer and fledging “fashion enthusiast” Griselle Jeanetta Rodriguez. I first met Griselle through a friend on a blustery summer night in 2007. I saw her sporadically here and there during 2008 and had yet to tap into her persona; that chance presented itself in the Spring of 2009.

Since then I’ve discovered that we share a lot of the same taste; in humor, music, and overall artistic expression. Did I mention she’s a life long fan of PAPER magazine? Which is not something that we have in common but knowing her she wouldn’t mind me mentioning it.

I first knew of Griselle as a writer but then recently discovered that she also as a knack for drawing. While perusing through one of her online photo albums I spotted some interesting sketches:

 “Vladek & Anja of MAUS” by Griselle Jeanetta Rodriguez

When I asked what inspired this piece, she answered:

“I have loved Maus since the 5th grade. I love how such a powerful story about one of the most dark[est] times in history is told with drawings! So I was just in the mood to draw and grabbed the book and just went to town.”

At the time I had no knowledge of Maus: A Survivor’s Tale, laying eyes on her drawing was a welcomed introduction. But her creativity doesn’t stop there; as I mention before she is a splendid writer and is currently blogging on fashion for YRB magazine (Be sure to check to it out.). Her reason for aspiring to be a writer and not an artist:

“My medium of choice is writing. I am in love with the look of words. I am also a fashion enthusiast, not so much a fashionista; hence why I choose to use my first love (writing) to express my interests.”

She’s also the proud owner of her own blog baby named [Cien.]. I had the pleasure of asking Griselle, “What inspires you exactly?”. She answered:

“Everything I guess. I try not to take the everyday things for granted. I’m grateful for having sight, sound and the blessing to be able to experience life (Imagine if you never knew what the moon looked like? Or a sunset?) I just try to be a walking sponge.”

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