A Father That Knows Best: Ed O’Neill (6 of 7)

In honor of Father’s Day I decided to highlight the famous fathers of television and film.

Ed O’Neill

A “Father That Knows Best” is Edward Phillip “Ed” O’Neill, Jr. Ed is best known for playing the role of self loathing shoe salesman Al Bundy. O’Neill didn’t exactly always know best but protected the honor of his family disenchanted vengeance.

O’Neill, a  Youngstown, Ohio native, was a social studies teacher at Youngstown’s Ursuline High School, before becoming an actor. He appeared in the film Deliverance as a deputy and in a Red Lobster commercial before being casted as Al Bundy in the mid-season replacement sitcom Married… with Children in 1985. He is currently starring in ABC sitcom Modern Family, playing the role of Jay Pritchett.

O’Neill’s defeated posture and FML (Fuck My Life) facial expression made him an absolutely shoo in for the role. *Rimshot* Okay, that joke was terrible but not terrible as the Bundy’s luck. Much like his character, O’Neill actually did play football. He was even signed by the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1969 as an outside linebacker but was released before the start of the season. 

The Bundy’s haphazard misfortune and imminent failure made them a laugh riot. You often found yourself laughing at them and not with them. Although they always found themselves broken and bruised, Al was always there to make it all seem okay.