A Father That Knows Best: Delroy Lindo (3 of 7)

In honor of Father’s Day I decided to highlight the famous fathers of television and film.

The ”Father Who Knows Best” is Delroy Lindo. Lindo is most famously known for playing Woody Carmichael, father of Zelda Harris‘ character Troy Carmichael, in the Spike Lee joint Crooklyn. He’s the first film father on the list and one of my favorite by far.

In Crooklyn he played a struggling jazz musician who wanted nothing more than  to play his music, love his wife and care for 5 children. He was a man of flaws and dreams. Things didn’t always work out in his favor but when things got rough his was there.

Lindo is of Jamaican descent and was born in Eltham, London. He’s played other fatherly roles, some good (Romeo Must Die) and some not so good (The Cider House Rules). Spike Lee was actually the one to boost Lindo’s career with Crooklyn and Malcolm X, even after he turned down the opportunity to act in  Do the Right Thing.

Delroy Lindo always kind of reminded me of my father in a way. He wasn’t perfect but he loved his children.

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