Plug Tuning: Gank.

“Plug Tuning:…” is a segment where I shine a modest spotlight on the blogs/tumblrs/flickers of peers and/or strangers. Believe it or not, there are blogs and such that are far superior to mine.

This edition of “Plug Tuning:…” features a friend of a friend by the name of Jose Burgos, a proud distributor and solicitor of Gank. What is this Gank. that I speak of? You’ll have to visit the site to see… or just scroll down and peek at a few of its photos. But it wouldn’t do you any good because only Gank Central can bring you up to speed with the finest and freshest Gank.

I was introduced to the site by “Plug Tuning:…” alum Amy. Gank. is done in a somewhat similar fashion to Amy’s site, armed with Ganktastic photos and a mellow but white-hot design. It’s also interactive, Jose allows the  reader to send in their own Gank pics. It even includes a chic passionate mantra:

“gank is a lifestyle.
you need to feel it. live it. expose it. believe it.”

Be sure to check it out.


“Evangelista Gank.”


“A Dancer’s Gank.”


“Peanut Butter Gank.”

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