A Father That Knows Best: Bob Saget (2 of 7)

In honor of Father’s Day I decided to highlight the famous fathers of television and film.

Bob Saget

The ”Father Who Knows Best” is Bob Saget. Aside from hosting America’s Funniest Home Videos, Saget is most famously known for playing the role of San Diego saint Danny Ernest Tanner on the popular sitcom Full House. Serving as a PG coolant to Uncle Jesse’s smoldering softcore porn appeal, Saget was known OCD -like cleaning habits and flatly received jokes. He was strict but caring; and he was always a well of sensible guidance.

Saget was born in Philadelphia. He first had intentions of being doctor until his high school English teacher took note of his creative potential and urged him to go into the field of film. He graduated from Temple film school.

He eventually ended up performing standup comedy and  did a number of national tours. In 1987 he was casted for the role of Danny Tanner.

The role almost seemed made for Saget being that he actually worked as the co-host of  The Morning Program on CBS before being casted. Since then Saget has made a point to break free from the do-right image of Danny Tanner. In 1998, two year after the end of Full House, he played a recovering coke addict in the hilarious marijuamedy Half Baked. He had one the movie’s most notable lines:

He was recently roasted by Comedy Central in a special titled The Comedy Central Roast of Bob Saget.

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