Plug Tuning: coupdegrâce.

“Plug Tuning:…” is a new segment where I shine a modest spotlight on the blogs/tumblrs/flickers of peers and/or strangers. Believe it or not, there are blogs and such that are far superior to mine. 

This edition highlights aspiring photographer Grace Hong, who I’ve affectionately dubbed Amazing Grace; Amazin’ Grace when I get a bit rambunctious. Now this edition is very special to me because Grace is one of the positive motivating forces in my life that encouraged me to start Kaufman. Aside from the aforementioned moniker, I’ve also praised her as one of the “foremothers” of Kaufman.

I first met Grace a couple of years ago through a friend but I discovered her artistically sometime in the Fall of last year. Her tumblr, coupdegrâce., has always caught my eye. She features a number of both established and grassroot photographers.

Most recently she showcased work by Jeff Luker:



And  Irena Blazquez:



Occasionally she accompanies the photos with nonchalant but insightful commentary. She said of the photo above:

“Good stuff. subdued color tones, etc.”

On top of having a keen eye for other’s magnificent work she also has the talent to create her own. Her Flickr, gracie.girl, is a treasure chest of photos.


“Tulip Lamp” by gracie.girl


“White Magnolias” by gracie.girl

Her photos are endearingly stoic. She elevates every banal detail to an astonishing height of signifigance; creating a vivid cumulation of stunning visuals.

She has also been proven to make a statement or two:


“Humans Were Here” by gracie.girl 

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