M.I.L.F.’s: Mothers I’d Like to Film. (9 of 9)

M.I.L.F.’s: Mothers I’d Like to Film” is a seasonal segment in honor of the Mother’s Day holiday. It is a series of desireable actresses who are known for playing mothers on television or in film.

Jenifer Lewis (Jenifer Jeanette Lewis)

Last but not least, Jenifer Lewis. Lewis is third movie mom on the list. She played the mother of Tupac Shakur‘s character in Poetic Justice, the mother of Tina Turner in the biopic What’s Love Got to Do with It? and she also played the role of Mama Rose Franklin in the two part television mini-series The Temptations.

Lewis was born in Kinloch, Missouri. After graduating college she moved to New York City to persue a career on Broadway. “Soon after she arrived in New York City, Lewis debuted on Broadway in a small role in Eubie (1979), the musical based on the work of Eubie Blake. She next landed the role of Effie White in the workshop of the Michael Bennett-directed musical Dreamgirls, but when the show moved to Broadway, Bennett chose Jennifer Holliday for the role.”

“In 1988, Lewis relocated to Los Angeles. In 1992, she was cast as one of the back-up singers to Whoopi Goldberg in Sister Act. In 1992 to 1993, she played Dean Davenport in the sixth and final season of A Different World. She also had a recurring role as Will Smith‘s Aunt Helen on The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air.”

2 years ago I came to revelation. A revelation that anyone with eyes could come to but a revelation nonetheless. For at least half of her career, Lewis has played the role of someone’s mother. Or at least that’s how it seems. Lewis embodied the term cougar before the term cougar ever existed. She was classy. She was strong. She was sensual.