M.I.L.F.’s: Mothers I’d Like to Film. (5 of 9)

M.I.L.F.’s: Mothers I’d Like to Film” is a seasonal segment in honor of the upcoming Mother’s Day holiday. It is a series of desireable actresses who are known for playing mothers on television or in film.

Debra Jo Rupp

The adorable Debra Jo Rupp. Rupp is best known for her role as Kitty Forman on the stoner sitcom That ’70s Show. Rupp played a bubbly but volatile housewife who coddled her son like he was the second coming of Jesus. Her character also had a taste for the “occasional” Bloody Mary.

Rupp was born in Glendale, California but was raised in Boxford, Massachusetts. Eventually she left her home state of Massachusetts in 1979 to pursue an acting career in New York City. “She frequently performed on stage and appeared in commercials before winning her first television role in 1980 as Sheila, a topless dancer, on the daytime drama All My Children

After being in and out of theater in the 1980’s she eventually returned to television. She “guest-starred on numerous television shows, including Kate & Allie, Spenser for Hire, and The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd. In 1988, Rupp landed her first film role on the big screen as Miss Patterson, Tom Hanks‘s secretary in Big.” She began the role of Kitty Forman in 1998.

For some strange reason Kitty’s neurotic and coy demeanor aroused my interest. I recall her and Red having a cocktail and Kitty would be prepped for lovemaking after the first sip. Or the episode when Fez saw her naked. If only I was a milkman back then…

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