M.I.L.F.’s: Mothers I’d Like to Film. (2 of 9)

“M.I.L.F.’s: Mothers I’d Like to Film” is a seasonal segment in honor of the upcoming mother’s day holiday. It is a series of desireable actresses who are known for playing mothers on television or in film.

Katey Sagal (Catherine Louise Sagal)

The vivacious Katey Sagal. She is best known for playing the notoriously lazy Bon-Bon devouring Peggy Bundy, wife to the self loathing shoe selling Al Bundy. There was a time when my mother refused to let me watch Married… with Children. She thought it was crude, rude and overly forthcoming.

“Sagal was born Catherine Louise Sagal in Hollywood, California, to a Jewish show business family; she is the daughter of director Boris Sagal, best known for his work on 1960s television dramas, including The Twilight Zone. Her mother, Sara Zwilling, was a producer. Sagal is the older sister of twin actresses Jean and Liz Sagal, best remembered as the Doublemint Twins of the early 1980s, and for their own short-lived sitcom of that era, Double Trouble.”

When she was 18 and working as a waitress, she met the rock band Kiss and dated Gene Simmons for some time after that meeting.

In 1987, after dabbling in singing, Sagal snagged the role of Peg Bundy. So around the same time Clair Huxtable was reinventing the role of television’s black mother, Sagal was staging a revolution of her own. She was the anti-housewife.

“She portrayed the lower-class, sex-starved wife of shoe salesman Al Bundy. During her audition for the role, Sagal brought her own red bouffant wig and with the producers’ approval, the look transitioned into the show. As Peg, she wore the wig, capris-length leggings with a large belt, and high slip-on heels, which were all fashion styles from the 1960s.”

When watching the show, I would be hypnotize by her signature leg wiggling. To me, she was an amazon with a dry ball busting wit and gorgeous long legs. I found Al’s reluctance to have intercourse with her perplexing. After the show ended in 1997, Sagal found success on other shows, most notably Futurama and 8 Simple Rules, and is now playing the role of Gemma Teller Morrow on Sons of Anarchy.

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