M.I.L.F.’s: Mothers I’d Like to Film. (1 of 9)

“M.I.L.F.’s: Mothers I’d Like to Film” is a seasonal segment in honor of the upcoming mother’s day holiday. It is a series of desireable actresses who are known for playing mothers on television or in film.

Phylicia Rashād (Phylicia Ayers-Allen)

First up is Phylicia Rashād. Originally known as Phylicia Ayers-Allen, Rashād portrayed the sensual mother Clair Huxtable on television’s The Cosby Show. When she wasn’t wrangling in Cliff’s raging junk food jones, she was winning the hearts of men everywhere.

While Rashād was growing up, her family moved to Mexico and as a result, Rashād speaks Spanish fluently.

“Rashād first became notable on the stage with a string of Broadway credits, including Deena Jones in Dreamgirls (she was Sheryl Lee Ralph‘s understudy until she left the show in 1982 after Rashād was passed over as Ralph’s full-time replacement) and playing a Munchkin in The Wiz.”

Rashād’s second husband was Victor Willis, the original lead singer and lyricist of the Village People. “She met Willis while they were both cast in the Wiz. Rashād received another career boost when she joined the cast of the ABC soap opera One Life to Live in 1983.”

Phylicia married former NFL wide receiver and sportscaster Ahmad Rashād on December 14, 1985. The couple divorced in early 2001 but she kept the name Rashād.

To me, Phylicia brought a sexy but graceful elegance to the role of television’s black mother. As we all know, The Cosby Show was the first of its kind. A black family being portrayed as members of the upper middle class society on a sitcom was unheard of. Sure there were The Jeffersons but George was a former street kid who happened to have a knack for business, not an academic.

Rashād represented the new black woman existing in a post civil rights/women’s lib america. She not only aroused my libido, she demanded my respect.

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