The Lounging Muse.

A comfortable photo of my friend Meggan Lugo, who I affectionately call Megger Evers. She always takes these photos that are endearingly playful. All the while they seem to possess an underlying current of deep thought and pensiveness.

“The Lounging Muse.”

The Lounging Muse appeared atop my sheets,

awashed in the glow of afternoon from her crown to her feet.

She asked: “What shall we create today?”

And with the pronunciation of every syllable,

waves of inspiration came my way.

She appeared still at my sill,

She said: “Write something for… the moon”

“Write something for your lost childhood telling it you’ll be home soon”

“Write something for the slackers, the would-be’s & the could-be’s”

“Write not about how it is but how it should be…”

“Write about the victims. Write about the criminals…

And when you write be blatant but subliminal.”

I turned to find that her eyes had already met mine.

Then she said: “Or you could write whatever comes to mind.”

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