Plug Tuning: Hey Four Eyes!

“Plug Tuning:…” is a new segment where I shine a modest spotlight on the blogs/tumblrs/flickers of peers and/or strangers. Believe it or not, there are blogs and such that are far superior to mine.

Our first honorary plug is Ms. Four Eyes herself, Amy. Amy is a friend of mine that I had the pleasure of meeting one night through a college chum. She has excellent taste in music, she gives the term band geek a whole new meaning, and an uncontrollable knack for the nifty.

She recently started a tumblr that highlights the lovable scoundrels who pirate her specs for the sole purpose of swagger jacking. Appropriately titled HeyFourEyes!, the tumblr is filled with amusing pictures of her and her bifocal burgurlaring comrades. Currently in its infant stage, it is beaming with potential and well worth the click. Be sure to check it out.





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