Musikal Haikus: Jill Scott

“Musikal Haikus:…” is a new segment that features the short and sweet melodies from some of our most beloved artist. Super groovy songs that run no longer than a minute and a half, resulting in eternal replay.

This song, “I Think It’s Better”, is a sweet tune for Ms. Scott’s first album, Who Is Jill Scott?: Words and Sounds Vol. 1. I adore the song for its light but breathy vocals and the gracefully stumbling keyboard in the background creates an air of magic.


It’s so hard for me to say this
I’m struggling to find the right words
What I’ve felt is past tense
What I feel you just haven’t heard

So, I think it’s better that I tell you now
I think it’s better that I tell you now

He’s so sweet and good, good
I can’t let him go

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