Fresh Out’er Space? Well, Too Sad Son Make Room.

Been listening to this dope 2009 mixtape by portly Crooklyn bred Rapper Fresh Daily titled Tomorrow is Today. This song, “Apollo 13”, seems to get played the most. The rest of the tape is sorta nifty but this song… good stuff.

Daily, much like Cudi, Pharrell, Donnis & Wiz Khalifa, is a player in the “Revenge of the Nerds” movement that has been taking Rap by storm lately. Not to take  The crop of MCs that were just mentioned, including Daily, do not depend on violence and drug dealing to strike a chord with their audience. They instead use lyricism, healthy imagination, artistic merit and bravado.

He explains his name as:

“Fresh Daily just fits me right, I stay Fresh All day, every day, with the rhymes, with the style. It’s just another way of expressing my motto of consistent innovation.”

Here’s the video for “Apollo 13”. Three super dope things about this video:

  1. Fresh’s sick Low End Theory shirt. One of my favorite album covers.
  2. Part of the video was filmed at bOb Bar on Eldridge. One of my favorite hangouts.
  3. Red Stripe beer. “Hooray Beer!” One of my favorite beers.

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