Flood Warning: Rain Saturates Weather Vanes. (5 of 6)

A beautiful fog rested on the City yesterday and I found myself listening to some rainy day tunes. More basically put, I listened to some songs that had the word rain in them. Quite simple(ton-ish) of me.

New York City’s own SWV is one of music’s most bittersweet morsel. They were extremely popular throughout the 90’s and disbanded in 1999 to pursue solo projects. They reunited in 2005 but have yet to produce any new music. They’re supposedly releasing an album sometime this year.


Sometimes it’s soft as a misty rain
That gently touches my soul
It cools the fire that burns in me
And I simply lose control
So just

Rain down (on) on me
Let your love just fall like rain
Just rain on me
Just rain down (on) on me
Let your love just shower me
Just rain on me

Full as a dam at capacity
My passion’s about to explode, yeah
I can’t escape, it’s surrounding me
I’m caught in a storm
That I don’t need no shelter from


Shower me
Sprinkle me
Fall down on me
(Your love just falls on me)

Fall down, fall down on me
Let it
Fall down, fall on me

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