Things Have Gotten (Hect)ic.

I am honored to say that this is Kaufman Told Me Set the World on Fire’s 100th post. I’ve been consistently at it since October of 2009 and it’s truly been a joyous experience. If I knew, during my 8 months of dormancy, that blogging would be such an enriching experience I would’ve started a long time ago.

I just wanted to take time to THANK any and everyone who has visited Kaufman Told Me to Set the World on Fire. I’ve put a considerable amount of effort into these posts and it feels good to know that the effort has not gone unappreciated. To sum up the main idea of what Kaufman (His abbreviated but nonetheless affectionate title) seeks to accomplish:

“We cry out, words of song, words of poetry, of dance, of illusion… in hope that an ear catches our cry… in hope that our crying is not in vain. Consider me astonished when it is revealed that someone had been listening along… and those cries weren’t swallowed by irrelevancy and empty space.”

As pretentious as it may be to quote myself, this is the picture perfect description of Kaufman’s purpose. Thank You for hearing my cry.

Since I’m always doing Top 5’s (A lingering effect of MySpace), I decided to do a Top 5 of my favorite articles so far:

i. Kamaal Ibn John Fareed, Malik Taylor & Ali Shaheed Muhammad: The Best of…

I will spare you the wordy introduction: This is my most favorite article. Hands down. No smoke & mirrors. No searching my vocabulary for catchy adjectives.

It allowed me to express my love for Tribe’s music and because I conducted a survey amongst my music savvy friends, it also allowed me to discover what each fan takes away from the group. I LOVE everything about this article, from the content to the multi-coloring of the words “A Tribe Called Quest” (a task that consumed 17 minutes of my youth).

ii. Black HIStory: Fred Hampton

A lot of emotion went into this one. I had a hard time choosing whether to let that emotion make this a long article or to packaged it as a short, to the point reader friendly article on injustice.

It bothers me deeply, the fate of our dear brother Fred Hampton, and I wanted the reader to know the degree of my outrage. For me, the murder of Fred Hampton will remain one of the most shocking injustice of the Civil Rights/Black Power Movement.

iii. The Peaceful Type…

An early post, this one is very much close to my heart. I occasionally get lunch from a Chinese Food restaurant on 3rd street & Avenue B and I always find myself staring at the mural across the street. My eyes seemed faithful to this particular part of the mural so I decided to take a picture of it. I just happened be listening to NasOne Love at the time a certain bar went perfect with this picture.

“I’ve even got a mask and gloves to bust slugs for one love.”


iv. Wasalu’s Take on Anatomy…

I was never really in love with this post until I was told by a friend that it was clever. Ever since then it’s grown on me. I began to see it as one of Kaufman’s beauty marks; a personal touch on an other generic “hipster” blog. The idea for this post came to me while I was riding the uptown 6 train listening to Daydreamin’.

v. The Systematic Assassination of Comedic Genius Leonard Alfred Schneider

I believe that America has fostered a culture that encourages individual to run from themselves. Lenny Bruce rejected that culture and everything that it stood for. Lenny Bruce is my Humor Hero. I too, in my own small way, have been persecuted for my honest and somewhat off colored humor and it always left me appalled. How could their dishonesty cause them to become such prudes?

Thank You for Reading, Listening, Learning & Enjoying.


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