Just wanted to share 2 great songs by New York City based indie rock band Vampire Weekend. Caught myself listening to their recent album, Contra, this past Sunday and these two were standouts. 

The lyrics of “I Think Ur a Contra” include the phrase “Complete Control“, the title of a Clash single (notably, an influential 1980 triple album by The Clash was entitled Sandinista! after the socialist militancy opposed by the Contras during the Nicaraguan civil war).

“Diplomat’s Son” samples the track “Hussel” by M.I.A. The title “Diplomat’s Son” is a reference to a story singer Ezra Koenig wrote about boarding school, though the content lyrically talks about a homosexual relationship told by Rostam Batmanglij.

I always seem to leave Sunday with some kind of musical treasure. For me, Sunday is a big loveable faithful black Labrador and after snuggling for a whole day, the songs that remain stuck in my head throughout the week are its fleas.

But enough lauding, here are the 2 tunes:




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