All Aboard the Chueh Chueh Train…

Dope art by Philadelphia native Luke Chueh (pronounced CHU).

“Employing minimal color schemes, simple animal characters, and a seemingly endless list of ill-fated situations, Chueh stylistically balances cute with brute, walking the fine line between comedy and tragedy.”

Truly, dude’s art is beyond sickness. Brutal. Full of mastery and angst. Tormentively eye-catching. Be sure to visit his site:

“Black in White” by Luke Chueh



“Sushi Series: Sashimi” by Luke Chueh

“Sushi Series: Handroll” by Luke Chueh



“Bitch” by Luke Chueh



“Guitar Gero” by Luke Chueh



“Graffiti (I Don’t Do It) by Luke Chueh



“What the Fuck?” is Luke Chueh



“Beauty/Beast” by Luke Chueh



“Pumpkin Face” by Luke Chueh



“Luke Chueh Vs. The Family Guy: Brian Griffin” by Luke Chueh 

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