My Funny Valentine: Charlyne Amanda Yi (13 of 14)

This is a seasonal segment called “My Funny Valentine:…”. 14 comediennes who make my heart go boom.

Charlyne Amanda Yi

Today’s Funny Valentine is Charlyne Yi. I first saw Yi in the film Knocked Up where she played Martin’s quintessential stoner girlfriend. I remember her lounging on the couch having a giggle fit, her nose scrunched up in the cutest fashion, eyes eased by the sweet effect of cannabis; delivering a memorable line:

“You must be angry at the baby whenever it steals your food, huh. ‘Ohh that’s mine, not yours’. But, you know, because you’re family you gotta share.”

Charlyne is a sweet melody of ethnicities, her mother is of FilipinoSpanish descent and her father is of Korean, Irish, German, French and Native American ancestry.

“Her performances do not always include joke-telling as in standup comedy; instead, she uses different tactics such as music, magic, games, and often audience participation.”

She also a painter and a singer. “Yi and Paul Rust are the components of the band, The Glass Beef, to which the duo share one electric guitar and both sing lead vocals.”

I envision us getting stoned for hours on end while eating cookie dough and watching Kablam!. To me, Charlyne is the goofy girl next door that you end up making out with at the end of the summer.


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