My Funny Valentine: Victoria Jackson (10 of 14)

This is a seasonal segment called “My Funny Valentine:…”. 14 comediennes who make my heart go boom.

Victoria Jackson

Today’s Funny Valentine is Victoria Jackson. I know,“Another SNL alum?”, but I figured I’d just get it out of the way; I mean that in a good way of course. I first found my jones for the Miami native in 1997 while watching old SNL reruns.

I remember it was the summer time and I would just be getting in from a long day of roaming the grounds of Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club. I’d always watch Nickelodeon but on occasions, when I didn’t feel like watching like watching Pete & Pete or MTV, I’d turned to Comedy Central and watch old SNL. It was then that I noticed Victoria Jackson, a buxom blonde with blue doe like eyes and a wonderful pair of breast.

 Jackson was raised by devout Christian parents in a home without a TV, she was trained in gymnastics by her father from ages 5 to 18. Eventually she made her way to Los Angeles, “there she supported herself with various day jobs as a cigarette girl, a typist at the American Cancer Society and a waitress at a retirement hotel while she performed stand-up comedy.

This resulted in her first big break, appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson doing what would become her signature bit: doing a handstand while reciting poetry. She would eventually appear on the show 20 times.”

“In 1986, Jackson was hired to join Saturday Night Live for its 12th season… Jackson became most famous for her appearances on Weekend Update with Miller, again reciting poetry while doing backbends or handstands on the desk (with Miller cracking a suggestive comment about her at the end) or, in the cases of the episode hosted by Steve Martin and another hosted by Demi Moore, singing and dancing on the Weekend Update desk.”

“After many such appearances had established her character, Jackson began to read a poem, but stopped and said in a low, throaty voice, “I can’t do it anymore. I can’t do this Victoria ‘airhead’ thing anymore.” She then removed her blonde wig to reveal a butch brunette wig underneath, announcing that she could not believe people thought that her goofy routine was for real, and that she would be doing serious political commentary on the show from that point onward.”

Here she is on one of her many Johnny Carson appearances:


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