My Funny Valentine: Kim Elizabeth Whitley (8 of 14)

This is a seasonal segment called “My Funny Valentine:…”. 14 comediennes who make my heart go boom.

Kim Elizabeth Whitley

Today’s Funny Valentine is Kym Whitley. Kym, occasionally spelled as “Kim”, has to be my favorite among the Funny Valentines. I first saw her on UPN’s Sparks” and other various television shows (Nickelodeon‘s My Brother and Me“, “All That” and “The Wayans Bros.“) but I didn’t notice her until she played Ice Cube’s “Auntie” Suga in the film Next Friday“.

It was then, at the age of 14, that I came to a conclusion: I like plus-size women. Of course I had known this for sometime but watching Kym’s excess come-on’s in “Next Friday” confirmed it.

Whitley has an adorable smile, a twinkling set of eyes, an enchanting giggle and.. and… Okay, I’ll be frank… and a gorgeous pair of breast. It is that intoxicating symphony that causes me to love Kym Whitley. Whitley taught me that big women aren’t just sexy, they’re beautiful as well.

Here is a clip of her as “Auntie” Suga in “Next Friday”:


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