The Deers & the Bees…

While stumbling upon Danny Zabbal I fell face first on Emily Bee. She’s an animator but she dabbles in plush toys and custom vinyls.  Her animation savvy translates into dope custom vinyls and her plush toys hint that she’s more than handy with a needle and thread. My favorite piece is the Two-Headed “Pierrette”, reminds me of the movie “Orphan“. She’s done animation for “Alvin & the Chipmunksand “Veggie Tales; awesome credentials. Be sure to “Follow the White Rabbit” at her blog right here on WordPress.


Here is some of her plush work:

“Skull Deer” by Emily Bee


Two-Headed “Pierrette” by Emily Bee


And here’s a Destroyer that she customized:

“The Destroyer” Customized by Emily Bee


“The Destroyer” (Front Angle)


“When I was thinking about how to approach his paint job, I looked to his design for inspiration. His huge bugged out eyes, clenched teeth and crazy hair made me think of electrocution, so I tried to incorporate that into my paint job — with the jagged electricity styled shapes of ice blue, lime green and grape.”- Emily Bee

“The Destroyer” (Close-Up)


“The Destroyer” (Back Angle)


“The Destroyer” (Back)

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