These Are Our Gods: TAKI 183

These Are Our Gods:…”. A series of influential people who’ve had an impact on (Sub)Culture.

First God: TAKI 183

TAKI 183 played a major part in the graffiti explosion of the 1970’s. Years before TAKI 183 sparked a revolution someone provided the flint and that someone lived 20 blocks away, tagging the moniker JULIO 204; the numbers 204 representing the street number that he lived on. Inspired by JULIO 204, Demetrius (A Greek New York City Native) along with his friends Greg and Phil started to write their names around the neighborhood. Demetrius chose to tag “TAKI 183” which was a diminutive of Demetaki, a Greek alternative for his birth name.

By the summer of ’71 TAKI‘s urban campaign had its own spotlight in the New York Times titled TAKI 183 Spawns Pen Pals. The revolution may not have been televised but sure did appear in periodicals. In the article TAKI accredited JULIO 204 for fathering the style in which his wrote his tag and he also spoke of being somewhat unaffected by his new found underground celebrity.

I don’t feel like a celebrity normally’ He said. ‘But the guys make me feel like one when they introduce me to someone. ‘This is him.” – TAKI 183

TAKI conducted a quiet riot that broke out amongst the masses. His artistic assault on Gotham surfaces gave everyone incentive to “stick it to the man“. Long Live TAKI 183.. “He’s the King”

**Some information provided by, the OFFICIAL website of TAKI 183. Be sure to check them out.**

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