We Are All (MF) Doomed.

“MF DOOMed” Mixed by Pipomixes


Download: http://www.getrightmusic.com/2009/10/05/mf-doom-mf-doomed/

Here is the latest MF DOOM mixtape mixed by Pipomixes (Not to be confused with Doomedby Mike Waxx). Although this mixtape contains no “new” material it is chocked full of unreleased tracks, which goes hand in hand with the phrase “Well, it’s new to me.” It also contains a few MF DOOM faves, “Operation: Greenbacks” is a definite familiar face. The mixtape also includes signature DOOM’s Radiola-esque voice skits.

Pipomixes even managed to throw in a couple of Sade samples. Keep in mind the Trinidadian British born rapper just recently released an album this past March titled “Born Like This” under the shorten pseudonym DOOM, be sure to check that too.

Here is a qoute from Pipomixes provided by GetRightMusic.com:

A few months back I went through Doom’s entire catalog of material while flying across the country. After listening to Doom 24/7 for a good two weeks, I could just hear this mix coming together without ever laying hands on a turntable. This is what I ended-up mixing once I returned home and got back on my tables. Thank you to those of you who hooked me up with a couple of instrumentals that were essential to the making of this mix. Like all of my mixes, a lot of time, thought, and energy went into crafting this effort. I hope you all enjoy the mix as much as I enjoyed making it.”- Pipomixes


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