“Sounds Like a Love Song…”

This poem was initially inspired by a friend, Meggan Lugo, an ode to the connectedness of music and her love life.


Let us kiss happiness
on its lips.

Let us recline
on clouds
and recite Dr. Seuss
out loud.

Let us paint our reality.

Let us etch our demise in stone.

Lets us cement our beginnings in folklore…
giving way to fables overblown.

Let us rest.
Let us heal.

Let’s look Him in the eye
and demand that our faiths be revealed.
(Or better yet make our own.)

Let’s live a life worth living…
and cultivate a love worth giving.

Let us invent a future worth seeing
and conjure a “Be” worth being.

Let us fly.
Let us soar.

Let us relinquish
our materialistic inclinations…

and want nothing more.

Let us breath
and see the feat before us.

Let us proclaim our emancipation
so no government can ignore us.

Let us love.
Let us love song.

And if we can’t seem to love right (Then fuck it.)

Let us love wrong.

Let us triumph.
Let us grow.

Let us arrange our own symphony…
one that nobody knows.

Let us dance. Let us romance.

Let us live our Love Song.

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