Back for the First Time?

Ello kiddos, my name is Akeem Duncan, known to my mum as “Akeeeeem!!”, known to love ones as “Keemy”, “Keem”, “Ak”. I’m a 23 year old resident of the much adored Bronx, New York, an aspiring publisher and recovering sloth addict.

My key vices are poetry, music, thought and laughter. Future blogs will include music that I’ve taken a liking to, pieces of my work, interesting pictures/art, etc…. Basically it’s going to be completely different from any other blog you’ve ever read. lol

Shouts to Crystal Hines at Ammo Magazine, homegirl Miss G at and Grace at Coupdegrâce ( You all influenced me to drag my knuckles into the age of electronic self expression, and for that I owe you my first born. lol And to Bob Kaufman, my ultimate poetic inspiration, hence the name.

Go Fuck Yourself  San Francisco.

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