These Are Our Gods: Harvey Bernard Milk

“These Are Our Gods:…”. A series of influential people who’ve had an impact on (Sub)Culture. This edition of “These Are Our Gods:…” highlights assassinated San Francisco supervisor and GLBT cultural icon Harvey Milk. Milk was very influential in the legitimization of gay rights and San Francisco’s gay community. I have to admit, I have trouble […]

Table for One Please: 5 Reasons Why You Do Not Have a Beau (4 of 5)

Okay, we’re nearing the home stretch; three reasons down, two reasons to go. Things should start becoming clearer as to why you’ve failed to sustain a healthy relationship. You’ve been blaming everyone but yourself and that stops now! I am here to gut punch your unwarranted self esteem and dethrone your sense of entitlement. If you […]


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